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BTG has experience in controlling a variety of soot blowers ranging from retractable, fixed rotary, sonic air horn, and other hardware designs.  We have experience in the operation of various soot blower controller applications to include coal, oil, and biomass.

Our customizable migration can be easily configured with a variety of industry standard PLC hardware and HMI software packages. Systems can be designed standalone or integrated into existing automation equipment.  Systems are designed for intuitive, simple operation while still providing detailed system status.


Main Features:

Automated Sequencer that allows the operator to program a multi-blower configuration that can either be manually or automatically initiated

(Any blower can be easily programmed into any step, any number of times in the sequence)

Individual blower control that allows the operator to initiate manual control outside of sequential operation

Automatic steam MOV and header warm-up control

System status indication that shows real time soot blower operation and sequence step progression

Programmable Dwell delay that can be used stabilize system medium between soot blower operations

Alarm monitoring and logging for abnormal system conditions

Additional Features:

Individual soot blowers can be removed from system operation for routine maintenance or for equipment repair.  This feature provides a detailed log for the removal and restoration of each individual soot blower

Sequence start time can be preconfigured to run at any time of the day

Soot Blower Automation Upgrade and Design Solutions

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Steam Soot Blower

Sonic Horn Soot Blower

Successive sequence starts can be programmed based on a predefined time delay, placed in a predefined repetitive mode, or placed in continuous operation.

Additional customized features can be added upon customer request.

For a demonstration of the soot blower interface, inquiries on soot blower automation upgrades or existing system design engineering, please contact us at (305) 253-3122.

To request a remote on-line demonstration please click here.

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